Employment Services

Center for Employment Training (CET)

Lyn-CAG’s Center for Employment Training (CET) provides education, employment, and job readiness training for individuals. Are you an adult who never completed high school, or would like to learn skills that prepare you for an in-demand job?

Individuals eligible for services: Persons unemployed and underemployed, TANF or Food Stamp recipients, Non-TANF individuals, VIEW Clients, Individuals seeking a career change.

Employment Services is committed to working with job-seekers to find suitable and stable employment. The Career Computer Lab supports client job searches and completion of on-line job applications. Clients are able to do research about potential companies in preparation for their interviews.

Career Education Services available: Certified Nurse Aide and Med-Aide Training, General Education Diploma and High School Diploma Programs and Workforce Development Partnerships

For more information, contact Duane Thomas • dthomas@lyncag.org434.455.1601 ext. 335

Virginia CARES

Lyn-CAG operates the Virginia Cares program which provides offender re-entry services for returning citizens in our community. The goal of Virginia Cares is to prevent recidivism by assisting ex-offenders in safely and responsibly transitioning from incarceration to a productive life. Program services include searching for housing, completing SNAP applications for food, providing referrals to medical services, job readiness and employment training and assistance in obtaining personal identification documents.

Virginia Cares eligibility criteria for returning citizens:

  • Individuals who have served time in a federal and state prison, regional and/or local jail in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is within 12 months of being released is eligible for enrollment into
  • our program.
  • Individuals that have exited from the Virginia Cares program for a period of more than thirty (30) days and is still within 12 months from their release date are eligible for our services.
  • Individuals returning after a new incarceration event is considered a new client and can be assisted.

Virginia Cares offers the following services:

  • Emergency Assistance for basic needs (ex. housing, food, clothing, personal toiletries)
  • Assistance in obtaining vital documents (ex. photo ID, drivers license, birth certificate, social security card)
  • Job Readiness Skills Training and Employment Services – soft skills training, resume assistance, interview workshops, basic computer skills training, weekly ‘Who’s Hiring’ tip sheets
  • Transportation assistance and bus passes to medical appointments, verified job job interviews and confirmed work sites.
  • Weekly and monthly support group activities on various topics.
  • Referrals to community partners for counseling, legal and medical services.

For more information contact Roslyn Carter • rcarter@lyncag.org434.455.1601 ext. 311